Selecting epilepsy patients for deep brain stimulation: what clinicians need to know

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) represents an important emerging therapy for epilepsy, according to Professor Jukka Peltola of the University of Tampere in Tampere, Finland. At AES 2018, he discussed his experience with neurostimulation and how to identify patients most likely to benefit from this approach.

In most cases, potential candidates for neurostimulation have epilepsy that is refractory to at least 2 antiepileptic regimens (monotherapy or combination therapy) and are likely being evaluated for surgical resection, according to Prof. Peltola.

“I think it’s important to discuss the option of neuromodulation already at the initial evaluation for surgery,” he said. He estimated that only 10–30% of his patients are eligible for surgery, and the remaining 70–90% need to know that other options are available.